30 years ago, our family started this business from their older brother. He worked at a tailor shop in Huahin prior to opening their own shop.
He has gained experience from work in the tailor shop in Dusit hotel, Silom, Bangkok. He is very knowledgeable about suits because of his long experience and he had touched about tens of thousands of suits. We met a wide range of customers and variety of styles and sizes, so we have a lot of experience in order to introduce all customers without hesitation and we are confident that all customers will look good with styles that suits their personality. Most importantly, customers will be satisfied with the services, good sewing quality, good quality fabric and warranty edits free size and shape correction for customers and these have been conveyed to my real brother and non concealed. The founder and his father opened another branch in 1999, now already 19 years we have produced innumerable suits for customers who are interested in good quality of suits it is used in various job and not expensive price and warranty edits free size lets use our tailor shop service you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much